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 The Kristen Archives - Just Impregnation Stories
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29-Year-Old Grandfather - by Alex Hawk
A1 Ships Slave - by Cerberus
A Baby For Elise - by Elise
A Baby Out Of Wedlock - by Wild Orchid
A Beach Ball of a Situation - by Helia
A Betrayal Of The Most Devine - by Adam Warlock
A Blue-Whale Of A Fish Story - by The Depraved Canuck
A Boater's Paradise - by SJR
A Bride's Confession - by C.D.E.
A Christmas Present - by JSR
A Dark And Strange Visitation - by Your Teddy Bear
A Decent Proposal - by Dirty Cyber Slut
A Fatal Desire - by Secret Cuckold
A Friend In Need - by Bogart
A Friend In Need, In Need Of My Wife - by Andypavo
A Furtive Intrusion - by Lanka Cream
A Girl And Her Robot - by Sakka
A Happy Marriage - by C.D.E.
A Knocked Up Midget - by UR Null
A Love Story - by Ham
A Marriage Marred in Heaven - by Winker
A Moroccan Gift - by Makeitso
A Mother's Love - by Yeswayted
A Mother's Nasty Thoughts - by Phoebe
A Personal Nightmare - by Sweet Irish
A Present From Louisville - by Spoonbender
A Present From Tokyo - by Spoonbender
A Public Mating - by ljj100
A Sated Love - by Your Teddy Bear
A Sexy Letter To Annie - by Kahn
A Suburb in South Africa - by OlderGuy
A Tale Of Forbidden Love - by Meredith Jaussaud
A Teacher Mom In Trouble - by Mkarl
A Very Compassionate Friend - by desert bandit
A Woman Who Loves Men - by Homer Vargas
A Woman Who Loves More Men - by Homer Vargas
A World Upside Down! - by Homer Vargas
Abby's Reply - by Homer Vargas
Abuse Of Chloe Moretz - by Chuck MacGrliber
Accidents - by Homer Vargas
Ad Astra Per Aspera - by Sakka
Addie's Babies - by Sakka
Addie's Grandbabies - by Sakka
Affairs Of Wizards, The - by Anon
African Exchange Student - by Geminiguy
After Reawakening - by Homer Vargas
After Summer - by Anon
Again? - by Homer Vargas
Alaskian Adventure - by Hardy
Alexandra's New Practice - by Homer Vargas
Alexei, The Recycled Trophy Wife - by Quid Pro Quo
Alison's Summertime Surprise - by Christie
Alone, Together - by Secret DC Guy
Amanda's Sex Education - by Doctor Dan
Amber - by Cumfreak1952
Amenity Project Epilogue - by Homer Vargas
Amy's Uncle - by Pskao
An Author's Fantasy - by Homer Vargas
An Education In Cuckoldry - by C.D.E.
An Island Exchange - by Hardy
Ana Marie Gets Pregnant - by Dr.T
Angela Eternal - by Sakka
Anonymous Sex - by Kysa Braswell
Another One Of "Those" Stories - by Homer Vargas
Anthropological Expedition - by Your Teddy Bear
Appendage - by Femur24
As The Wind Blows - by Beating Off Bob
Asiafuck - by Michael
Asian Delight: Nora's New Position - by Black Demon
Assignment, The - by Anon
At Last - by Homer Vargas
Auctioned For Reality - by KarenKay
Aunty Gets Her Two Big Wishes - by Lanka Cream
Awake And Hoping - by Lanka Cream
Awesome Massage - by Cumfreak1952
Baby - by E.Z. Riter
Baby Bump - by Abner Wizzle
Baby Game, The: A Galaxy Slut Galina Story - by Sakka
Baby Maker - by Boomer
Baby Makers, The - by Phil Phantom
Baby Making Cheaters - by Anon
Babycakes: The Complete Series - by The Finder
Babysitter's Mistake - by Johndough
Babysitting And Babymaking - by Doctor Dan
Back Home - by Onethindime
Backwoods Woman - by Lostluck
Bad Economy, The - by Mary Lynn
Balling The Babysitter - by Beating Off Bob
Barb's Seduction To Perversion - by Suewatcher
Barrel - by Matchead
BBW On The House - by Yod Gimel Hen
Becky Takes A Lover - by B.J.
Becoming A Bitch - by Anon
Bedchamber - by Phoebe
Bedroom Scene - by Frank McCoy
Bedtime Story - by Ed Rider
Bee Cee Ess - by Ulyssa Kincaid
Before the Wedding - by Frank McCoy
Being Nice To Uncle - by Beating Off Bob
Belly Love - by Steve D.
Best Friend Helps Out - by Jpdptlm
Best Laid Plans - by J Christopher
Best Laid Wives - by Coyote
Beth's Black Stud - by J.T.W.
Betsy's Best Intentions - by Rachael Ross
Betting On My Wife's Virtue - by Hardy
Betty's Boys - by Pskao
Bianca Helps Out Daddy - by Lanka Cream
Birthday Babysitting - A Present For Sis - by Beating Off Bob
Birthday Gift - by Wollstonecraft
Black Behind The Green Door - by EroswriterXXX
Black Cherry - by Eros Writer
Black Cock Club, The - by Lucy & Tom
Black Fashion Show Girl Gangbang - by Eroswriterxxx
Black Girls Get What They Want - by Anon
Black Man's Cum Dump - by Mr. Jones
Black Stripper Gangbang - by ErosWriterXXX
Blackmailed Beauty - by Black Demon
Blackmailed Husband - by Blueberry
Blackmailed Into Perversion - by Richard Bilbrey
Blind Lust Impregnating - by Dr.T
Bondage Gangbang - by Ejac
Bonobo - by Yod Gimel Hen
Book Model - by Beating Off Bob
Bored At The Family Reunion - by JenJim
Both Needed It - by Lanka Cream
Bound For Fun - by Author Obscure
Bountyville - by Sakka
Bra Shopping With Uncle Bob - by Beating Off Bob
Brad The Breeder - by LJJ
Breaking The Gifted - by Yanoo
Bred - by Homer Vargas
Bred By Black Seed - by Tyrone
Breeding Mary Jane - by UnClear
Breeding Milker Farm - by Odds Botkins
Breeding Season At The Rocking R Ranch (Version Alpha) - by Beating Off Bob
Breeding Season At The Rocking R Ranch (Version Bravo) - by Beating Off Bob
Breeding Season At The Rocking R Ranch (Version Charlie) - by Beating Off Bob
Breeding Susan - by anymouse
Brenda Takes A Lover - by Dylan
Bride's Hairdresser, The - by Beating Off Bob
Bright Brunette And Stud Puppy - by Phil Phantom
Broken In By Brother - by Beating Off Bob
Broken In By Uncle - by Beating Off Bob
Brood, The - by Dragonfly
Brother In-Law - by Christie052780
Brown Sugar Club, The - by EroswriterXXX
Buffy Goes To Camp - by Beating Off Bob
Buffy The Erection Slayer - by Beating Off Bob
Bus Stop - by MercySlayer
By The Stream - by Obmuj
C.D.E. Workbook Collection: VOL-1 - by C.D.E.
Camping Misadventure - by MercySlayer
Camping Near The Farm - by Edspony3
Can I Cum In Her? - by Frank McCoy
Candy Cums To Her Brother's Stag Party - by Johndough
Cardiac Guilt - by Trish
Carol Comes - by Pskao
Carrie's Pregnant - by MilkLover
Catalina Gets Impregnated - by Rocketman
Cathy - by Ginger A. Dslut
Cattleman's Lament - by Beating Off Bob
Caught - by Olwrench
Cay Mua Xuan - by G. Nguyen
Celeste Withdraws - by Homer Vargas
Centerfold Daughter - by Beating Off Bob
Chaperone Blues, The - by Beating Off Bob
Cheating Bride - by Valerie
Cheer - by Princess Lin
Cheerleaders: Possessed For Pleasure - by Anon
Chel - by Charles Dick
Cheryl Learns Her Lesson - by Dee Dixer
Chinese Take Out - by TheNewHorizon
Chloe And Mom - by Homer Vargas
Chocolate Cherry Treat - by ErosWriterXXX
Choir Fun - by Lwrider86
Chrissy's First Date - by Beating Off Bob
Christi's Cunt - by Tony Tiger
Christmas Eve Day Gathering - by Ashley
Church of Evil - by Black Demon
Cindy Does Her Best Friend's Dad - Redux - by Trance Ender
Claire's Stables - by Ivan Wilson
Close Encounters Of The Sexual Kind - by The Great Dane
Coaching Assistant - by Johndough
Cock Worship - by Michael
Collision In The Corridor - by Johndough
Commune Reproduction - by ljj100
Company Picnic - by Boomer
Competitive Affairs - by C.D.E.
Conception Variation - by Hardy
Condom Bikini, The - by Johndough
Condom Trickery - by Davis
Conscientious Cuckold - by Marco Vassi
Consenting Adults - by Hardy
Constant Companion - by Dragonfly
Contraception Catastrophe - by Author Obscure
Control Effect - by Sakka
Conversation - by C.D.E.
Cookie Delivery Gone Bad - by Johndough
Councelor, The - by Hollander
Cousin Jessica Joins The Sisters - by MercySlayer
Crashing The Halloween Toga Orgy - by Johndough
Cromwell's Court Case - by Downing Street
Cruise Ship Drunken Mistake - by TheNewHorizon
Cuckold Club - by The Stork
Cuckold Traveler - by C.D.E.
Cuckold's Revenge - by Hardy
Cumsumption - by Htsxkttn
Cut-Rate Fertility Clinic - by Phoebe
The Cutters Creek Saga
Dad - by Homer Vargas
Daddy Helps Out - by Lanka Cream
Daddy Marry Me - by Ric9009
Daddy's Girl - by Htsxkittn
Daddy's Harem - by Abner Wizzle
Daddy's Little Girl Needs Attention - by Cyberdog
Dahala and the Dragon - by Jeff Q
Dark Bred - by Homer Vargas
Date Night - by Karen Kay
Daughter's Prison - by SilentAllTheseYears
Daughter's Reward - by Beating Off Bob
Dave's Adventures: Kayla - by TheNewHorizon
Dawn And Ken And Maria And David - by Homer Vargas
Dear Donna - by Princefixalot
Dear Loving Mother - by LankaCream
Dear Mother Debbie - by C.D.E.
Dear Mother Debbie - by C.D.E.
Debbie's Daddy - by Pskao

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