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Will FeedYes work with every website?
FeedYes.com works fine with most websites. However, please pay attention to this:
» In case a website is built in Frames, use the url of the frame you want a feed for
» FeedYes does not yet work for sites using text such as "click here" to link instead of contextual text (working soon)
» FeedYes doet not work for websites built in Flash
» FeedYes doet not work for websites that do not allow robots

How many items does FeedYes allow in one feed?
Currently, the limit is set at 20 items. In the next release of FeedYes, this number will most likely be increased.

Is FeedYes free?
FeedYES is free to try for 14 days. When you like what you see, you must get FeedYES premium in order to keep viewing your feeds. After 14 days, your feed will be disabled. Click here to read more about FeedYES premium.

How do I delete a feed?
In the left sidebar, you see an overview of your feeds. Click on the title of the feed you want to delete. The feed contents will appear, and below the feed you will see the option "delete". Click on "delete", and your feed will be removed.

Why does my feed not work?
FeedYes sometimes can not deliver a valid feed in case the contents of the website you are trying to create a feed for contains irregular characters. Try to check your feed at feedvalidator.org to see if the feed is valid.

What are feeds?
Feeds (sometimes called "rss feeds") are basically headlines or news items from websites. For example, CNN publishes a Feed which contains the headlines from the latest articles available on the website. Feeds are usually realtime and therefore always contain the latest information from a website or a weblog.

How do I find feeds?
If a website publishes one or more feeds, it is usually shown by one of the buttons shown below:

When you see such a button, press on it to get the "feed url". This "feed url" is the url that supplies the latest headlines or news items from a website.
For example, the feed url for the CNN is http://www.cnn.com/rss/cnn_topstories.rss. You can see more feed urls from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/services/rss/

Why do not all websites have feeds?
There are more websites without feeds than websites with feeds. But FeedYes is changing this. With FeedYes, you can create a feed for any website.

How can I read feeds which I create with FeedYes?
Once you have created your feed on FeedYes, you can read the feed using a feedreader. For that, you need the specific FeedYes url (shown on your accountpage) and a feedreader. Below we have listed some of the best-known feedreaders:
My Yahoo!

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