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FeedYes.com gives rss feeds to every page on the web

"The best and easiest way to get custom made feeds"
Reviewed by Robert Scoble, Dion Hinchcliffe, and Matt Marshall

Automatically generated feeds for any page on the web

Just type the url of any page, and FeedYes gives you the feed
» Start now and generate a feed

Or: create a feed for your website manually

You can also use FeedYes to manually create a feed for your website
» Give your website a feed now

In depth: what can you do with FeedYes.com?
» Generate feeds for any website or specific page
» Save those feeds: read them with your rss reader or mobile phone.
» Syndicate those feeds: put the headlines on your own website
» Monitor websites realtime: always know the latest news from any webpage

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